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Together We Are Bradford

Together We Are Bradford is an exciting new project by CNet in partnership with West Bowling Advice Centre, funded by the Home Office's Building a Stronger Britain Together initiative.

The aim is to facilitate dialogue and co-operation between communities in Bradford East, Bradford South and Bradford West and to encourage community cohesion and resilience.

The project will engage with at least 10 different communities in Bradford with a minimum of two representatives from each of community to sit on a Together We Are Bradford Community Network.

These representatives will also encourage a further three volunteers from their locality to get involved in the project.

Our Aims:

  • To nurture a common vision and sense of belonging.
  • To appreciate and value our differences and cultures.
  • To forge strong and positive relationships between people of different ethnicities.
  • To promote equal opportunities for all in the community.
  • To make Bradford a better place to work, live and play.

How 'Together We Are Bradford' Works

The project gives representatives from each community the opportunity to visit different communities in Bradford and to engage in mentoring, workshops and other activities to engender tolerance, highlight shared issues, concerns and to encourage respect for different cultures.

Representatives will also be invited to participate in and contribute to existing strategic district forums through the Bradford District Assembly, including the Equalities Forum, Health and Wellbeing Forum, Safer and Stronger Forum and the Regeneration and Prosperity Forum.

Upcoming Events and Activities

We provide training and opportunities for individuals and groups working together to promote cohesion within our communities.

Help us work together to meet other communities, share information, awareness, promote understanding of different cultures and solve common issues.

Training will include workshops, one-to-one discussions, visits and events.

Participants will receive training, experience, valuable opinions and will have the opportunity to represent the interests of their community.

See below for a programme of activities and here for the upcoming Community Cohesion Launch event on the 28th of November, 10am - 1pm at Manningham Mills Community Centre.

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