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National & Local Government

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National Government

How Parliament Works (opens new window)

Find out what happens at Parliament, how your MP represents you and how Parliament checks up on the work of Government. Find out about Parliament.

What do Government Select Committees do? (opens new window)

Much of the work of the House of Commons and the House of Lords takes place in committees, which examine issues in detail, from government policy to proposed new laws. These committees often invite written submissions from the public.

A - Z of Current Government Committees (opens new window)

You can look at what these committees are doing by clicking on the links. Find out what committees are investining which issues and see how YOU can influence these inquiries.

People and Parliament Transforming Society (opens new window)

See the relationship between Parliament and local citizens and how dialogue, representation and protest have brought about progressive legislation and changes in society.

Local Government

Contact your Local Councillor (opens new window)