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About CNet

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CNet is Bradford district's empowerment network.

We work to ensure that views of voluntary and community groups and active citizens are heard on the key decision-making partnerships.

We do this by supporting and developing networks of groups and people and by acting as a bridge between communities and service providers. Through network development, forum support, training, capacity building and community development work we enable people to get involved and to influence how services are developed and run in their area.


CNet offers support and training for individuals who want to become active citizens and get involved in public decision making.


CNet supports groups by providing small grants to help them fund an idea or projects which will benefit the community. We also link groups to forums to encourage them to share information and good practice.

Forums & Networks

CNet helps to develop and support voluntary and community sector (VCS) networks and forums.

CNet coordinates Bradford Assembly and the related VCS forums. These provide a two way link between the Bradford District partnerships and the voluntary and community sector, enabling the sector to engage directly on key issues.

CNet also supports other networks and distributes a wide range of information for networks and forums to share with their members.

For more information about the Bradford Assembly and VCS Forums visit the Bradford Assembly website (opens new window).


CNet works with partners across the district in all three sectors to help plan and improve the delivery of services at both neighbourhood and district level.

How CNet Operates

CNet is a membership organisation with approximately 300 members. It is managed by a Board of Trustees made up of three individuals from each of the membership categories, plus three co-opted trustees.

The Trustees are elected into the Board by members within their respective category.

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