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Bradford District Partnership

The Bradford District Partnership (BDP) is the Local Strategic Partnership for the Bradford District.

What is the Bradford District Partnership?

The Bradford District Partnership (BDP) replaced Bradford Vision as the district's Local Strategic Partnership (LSP) in April 2008. BDP coordinates and supports the work of the partners and partnerships across the district. These partners share responsibility for making sure that the district's (Sustainable) Community Strategy improves the quality of life and wellbeing of the people of the district. You can find out more about the BDP partners and partnerships by clicking on the link below.

What is the role of BDP?

The Bradford District Partnership will ensure that the district's Community Strategy is delivered in the best way possible - and that all the partners work closely together to make things happen. In doing so it will champion the wellbeing and prosperity of all of the district's residents and ensure that they have the opportunity to realise their true potential.


The BDP has adopted a flexible governance structure which consists of core elements and flexible components. The core components include the BDP Executive Board, Partnership Summits, Virtual Leadership Group and the Statutory Partnerships, whilst the flexible components include non statutory partnerships, professional networks and forums such as the Bradford District Assembly.

Download the BDP Governance Handbook below for more details about its governance arrangements

BDP Executive Board

The BDP Board primary role is to provide strategic direction and oversight to the delivery of the Community Strategy and to provide a collective response to challenges facing the district.

Partnership Summits

The Partnership Summits will enable the BDP to engage with a wider range of organisations, representing all stakeholders and sectors of the District's community to review and evaluate the work of the Partnership and reaffirm and reset priorities. hey will be held at least twice a year. In general they will be held on a thematic basis and will be integrated into the wider BDP business planning cycle to ensure they are used as an effective vehicle to engage with partners on both reviewing and planning service delivery.

Virtual Leadership Group

The Leadership Group will be convened by the Chair of the BDP Executive Board on an 'as and when required' basis to provide a partnership response on key priority issues, projects or initiatives (e.g. Community Budget Programme) with representation being from members of the BDP Executive Board, who are relevant and appropriate to the issue to be considered.

Partnership / Networks

The partnerships fall into two categories those that are needed due to a Statutory requirement and those that are required due to operational needs. The statutory partnerships include: the Children's Trust, Community Safety Partnership and support to the Shadow Health & Wellbeing Board through the Health & Wellbeing Partnership. Whilst the non statutory partnerships, networks and forums include Prosperity & Regeneration Partnership, Stronger Communities Partnership, Older People's Partnership, Strategic Disability Partnership, Learning Disability Partnership, Bradford District Assembly and the Housing Partnership etc. The partnerships are responsible for the delivery of specific goals and priorities within the council's Community Strategy and are ultimately accountable to the BDP Executive Board on performance and delivery.

BDP and the Bradford District Assembly

The Assembly Steering Group Chair sits on the BDP Executive Board, providing an important link between the VCS and the strategic partnerships. You can download the feedback from the Assembly Chair via the Assembly Steering Group Representative Feedback pages.

Further information on the partnerships, networks and forums may be found on their webpages via the link below.

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