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Bradford Environment Forum Representatives and Feedback

Elected Bradford Environment Forum representatives take issues and information from the forum to the strategy group or board they attend. Representatives are also asked to provide written feedback reports to the forum.

Strategy Board / Group:

Environment and Waste Management Overview and Scrutiny Committee

Scrutiny Committees are the Council's "watchdogs", examining its decisions and recommendations, as well as monitoring the performance of local services. Scrutiny Committees act as a "critical friend" to the Council as a whole, taking a close look at how other organisations in the district are providing important services to the people of the district. This can include other public organisations, such as the health service, private or voluntary organisations. In this way, they help the council fulfil its community leadership role.

The Environment and Waste Management Overview and Scrutiny Committee is responsible for strategies, plans, policies, functions and services of the council relating to planning, environment, and the Strategy Priority 'Safe, Clean and Welcoming Neighbourhoods'. You can find out more about the committee and download minutes via the link below.


Julia Pearson (BEES)

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