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Joint Strategic Needs Assessment Steering Group

Joint strategic needs assessments (JSNAs) provide local policy-makers and commissioners with a profile of the health and wellbeing needs of the local population.

The aim of JSNAs is to improve commissioning and reduce health inequalities by identifying current and future health trends within a local population. It is expected that JSNAs should be based on analysis of:

  • demographic data of the local population (such as age, gender and ethnicity)
  • social, economic and environmental determinants of health (such as housing, crime and employment)
  • behavioural determinants of health (such as smoking, drinking and dietary habits) epidemiology (such as life expectancy, quality of life and prevalence of diseases and conditions)
  • access to services and service utilisation (such as admissions, discharge and health and social care services usage data)
  • evidence of effectiveness (such as NICE guidelines and quality standards or good practice examples)
  • service user and patient views (views and experiences of service users and patients)

Department of Health guidance recommends that JSNAs are refreshed every three years.

Bradford district's JSNA has been produced jointly by the Council and NHS Bradford and Airedale, with input from a wide range of partners. It is a live document that will continually be updated. You can view the current JSNA for Bradford district via the link below.

Bradford District Assembly's Health and Wellbeing Forum has a representative place on the JSNA Steering Group. The Steering Group works in partnership to support the ongoing development of the JSNA. The current representative is Helen Speight. You can contact Helen on 01274 666649 or email

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