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Council Sets Budget for 2014-16


In the last three years, the Council has had to make savings of more than £100 million because of national spending cuts. Over the next three years, they estimate that another £115 million of cuts will be needed. That's over 25% of the Council's current net budget.

More than three quarters of the money will have to be found in the next two years, starting with an immediate need to find £37 million next year and £52 million more the year after.

More than 16,000 people responded to a public consultation on the Executive's Initial Draft Budget Proposals. Following feedback from the consultation and engagement programme and changes to the Council's financial position due to Government announcements and local decisions, amended budget proposals were produced and agreed by the Executive on Tuesday, 18 February.

Full Council voted to accept the proposals on 20 February. You can read the amended budget proposals and other related documents on Bradford Council's website via the link below

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