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Care Quality Commission Wants to Hear Your Experiences of Mental Health Crisis Care


To help them understand more about the quality of local services, the Care Quality Commission (CQC) are carrying out a special review about the help, care and support that people receive when they experience a mental health crisis.

As part of this work, they would like to hear from:

  • people who have had personal experience of a mental health crisis and tried to get help for it in the last two years
  • people who have cared for others going through a crisis in the last two years
  • groups or organisations that work with people who have experienced a crisis and/or have an interest in the quality of crisis care in their local area.

The CQC recognise that each mental health crisis can be different and that it can occur at any point in someone's life and wants to encourage anyone who feels they have experienced a crisis and tried to get help for it to share their experience.

You can tell the CQC about your experiences by choosing one of the links below.

Share your own personal experience Share an experience about a friend, a member of your family or someone you care for Share an experience as a member of a local group or organisation

This questionnaire closes on 30 April 2014, all the questions are optional and you can submit information anonymously. You can also download the questionnaire in as easy to read format below.

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