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DIVA Survey Deadline Extended


The deadline for DIVA Bradford's survey of voluntary and community groups in Bradford district has been extended - please use the link below as soon as possible to complete the survey before 30 November if you haven't done so already:

An important survey of Bradford District Voluntary and Community Sector is underway. It is vital to get a measure of the present strength and opinion of the Voluntary and Community Sector (VCS) locally - for example information about what helps your group thrive and what undermines it.

Our District would be a poorer, duller and less socially vibrant place without a range of local VCS groups. This survey aims to map the nature of the VCS (in all its varied glory) and how it is changing - giving a measure of the size, strength and health of civil society locally.

Thank you to everybody who has completed the survey to date. If you are the contact for a local Voluntary and Community Sector Group and you haven't completed the survey please do so now.

The survey is being organised via the DIVA database - if you have not yet registered your group on DIVA you can click on teh Register Now link below to get your group listed. For further details and help about the survey - contact Mike Quiggin at

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