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Useful Health Resources for Bradford District


At a time when local (and national) systems are changing so rapidly, sometimes it can be tough to stay on top of new networks which are driving the future of our country's health and social care. The Health Partnership Project has updated their website with a new list of items to help you stay connected with developments.

Regional Voices has produced a suite of resources to help you work with new health and care structures in order to better serve the needs of our communities. These briefings support interfacing between health and wellbeing boards and the voluntary sector.

Health Profiles Interactive Maps allows you to select any of the 32 Health Profile indicators and local authority areas for use in your own documents. Using the zoom function on this map, you can click on the Bradford District to see data for all of these 32 indicators within the chart.

Health and wellbeing boards bring together local commissioners across the NHS, public health and social care, elected representatives and representatives of HealthWatch. We hope that this information from the Dept. Health will help to refine your understanding of the new boards' place in the NHS.

Visit the HPP website below to access these guides.

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