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Just West Yorkshire's Response to the Consultation on a UK Bill of Rights


The Government is looking to replace the Human Rights Act with a 'UK Bill of Rights' and is currently seeking public opinion on this proposal. Read JUST West Yorkshire's response to the proposal and the reasons why they are concerned about the consequences of this change.

JUST West Yorkshire is a racial justice, civil liberties and human rights organisation that has been working in the region since 2003. Human rights are important to them because they provide a legal framework that ensures that everyone has a right to live their life in dignity. Critically the Human Rights Act Act has proven to be a powerful tool that organisations have been able to use to hold public services and the UK government to account, especially at a time when the austerity budget and the diminution of civil liberties are eroding our fundamental rights as humans and citizens. Read their response to the Government consulation on a UK Bill of Rights

Download the full repsonse from JUST West Yorkshire below.

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