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Legal Aid Funding - Campaign Against the Cuts


The Government is cutting legal aid funding for advice about benefits, tax credits, debt, most housing, all non-asylum immigration and most family law. Campaigners have won small but important concessions around domestic violence but the government is intent on implementing the other cuts next year.

In Bradford District, the cuts to social welfare and immigration advice would mean over £300,000 per year is no longer available and that 1,700 local people will have no access to advice.

Justice for All is running a national campaign against the cuts. Visit their website to find out more and download a template letter you can use to write to your local MP.

The Advice Network & Training Partnership has prepared a second briefing paper on the cuts and their effect on local communties - see below

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Legal Aid Briefing (doc - 639Kb) (opens new window)

This briefing is about the impact of the legal aid cuts on Bradford District, which contains case studies to illustrate who will be affected and how, which has been sent to all local MPs and members of the House of Lords with a Bradford connection.

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