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Volunteer opportunities available for the First Mixed Ability Rugby World Tournament (MARWT)!


International Mixed Ability Sports (IMAS) are organising the First MARWT in Bradford in August this year in conjunction with the Tournament hosts the Bumble Bees RUFC based at the Bradford and Bingley Rugby Club. Mixed Ability Rugby promotes players with learning or physical disabilities, and non-disabled players known as "facilitators", playing together in the same full-contact game.

The Tournament will be held between the 17th and 21st August 2015 in grounds around the Bradford area and will line up over 400 participants from 10 countries across Europe (England, Scotland, Ireland, France, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Serbia) and a delegation from Argentina.

They are looking for volunteers to carry out a number of different, and very flexible, roles before and during the event, which can be adapted to the time and skills you have available, to help them ensure that the MARWT and associated conference runs smoothly and to ensure that all those involved have an enjoyable time.

For more information about the MARWT, IMAS and the Bumbles please visit:

Please also see (AND SPREAD WIDELY!) our short promotional video at: