Community Economic Forum (open to all)

Comprehensive Spending Review 2019 - Bradford District Submission

VCS Consultation

Monday 15 April 2019, 9.30 – 11.00 am

CNet, Enterprise Hub, 114-116 Manningham Lane, BD8 7JF

The Government intends to undertake a Spending Review before the summer recess to be completed alongside the Autumn budget.

The VCS consultation is your opportunity to promote Bradford district as a viable place for investment.

The review will set the spending limits for Departments once the £34bn pledge on increased NHS funding has been taken into account, and will focus on maximising the impact of public spending on outcomes that support economic growth and good public services. A review of capital expenditure will also be undertaken. This marks an opportune moment to build the case for Bradford as the right place for investment in infrastructure that unlocks economic productivity and in the early intervention and prevention that reduces downstream costs and pressures on statutory services and to develop the underpinning evidence base. The work won’t end with a submission to the spending review, it will be on-going and will help to inform medium term and longer term Council and district wide planning.

To do this effectively the Council’s work has to be informed by contributions from partners across all sectors and the support of the VCS is critical to its credibility.  The Council is in the process of gathering information from a range of key local partners in collecting case studies that will help develop their evidence base and to articulate the strengths of its local sector, its challenges, what could be done differently and what it would want to see from a Spending Review.

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