Together We Are Bradford

Together We Are Bradford is a project run by CNet in partnership with West Bowling Centre and funded by the Home Office "Building A Stronger Britain Together" programme. Our aim is to encourage dialogue and cooperation between communities in Bradford East, West and South to promote community cohesion.

We are doing this by creating a Together We Are Bradford Community Network with representatives from different communities. The Network will:

  • Nurture a common vision and sense of belonging
  • Appreciate, respect and value the differences between people of different cultures
  • Make strong and positive relationships between people of different ethnicities
  • Work together to promote equal opportunities for all in the community
  • Aim to make Bradford a better place to work, live and play

How 'Together We Are Bradford' Works 

The project gives community representatives opportunities to discuss, explore and share information and knowledge about their own communities in order to increase understanding and awareness enabling  communities to work together on issues of common concern, whilst accepting and respecting  each other's cultural identity

Representatives will also be invited to participate in and contribute to existing strategic district forums via the Bradford District Assembly e.g. the Equalities Forum, Health and Wellbeing Forum and Community Economic Forum

Community Cohesion Activities

We provide workshops, visits, discussions. Events and opportunities for participants to develop their skills and widen their experience through:

  • Having their opinions valued and listened to in a safe environment 
  • Representing the interests of their community (specific and general)
  • Meeting and working together with people from other communities

For communities and groups the Network offers opportunities to:

  • Meet other communities
  • Share information with others
  • Raise awareness and promote understanding of each other's cultures
  • Work together to discuss and solve common issues

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